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About Us


We are an experienced USDA and FWC licensed breeder, specializing in rare blue-eyed miniature pigs. At Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs! we have been raising miniature pet pigs for over twenty years. Our precious tiny miniatures are a product of responsible selective breeding practices.

We have achieved much success by combining genetic management in collaboration with maintaining optimal characteristics traits of the miniature pig such as size, color, intelligence, and good temperament.

We are convinced that our exceptional breeding program is a result of the passion and dedication for our miniature pigs and commitment to our adopting piggy parents.

It is with heartfelt loyalty that we join our piggies with favorable homes, ensuring them and their new families endless years of happiness!




  • May I visit your farm to pick out my piglet?
  • May I visit your farm to determine if I like pigs?
  • May I go see the pigs in person?
  • May I go in person to pick-up my adopted piglet?


At the present time, we are not offering to host visitors at our farm.

At Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs Farm, we don’t exclusively breed miniature pigs.   We are an USDA-licensed facility and home to many exotic animals, some of whom are considered a critically endangered species.    For the protection, safety, and conservation of the animals in our care, our facility is closed to the general public. As per the recommendations issued by our team of veterinarians, we have implemented biosecurity measures to prevent any potential contamination or spread of infectious diseases to our animals.

With this in mind… at Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs, we have undertaken the task of building an informative and comprehensive website allowing everyone a clear window into our breeding practices.   Our site’s content is regularly maintained with current pictures, videos and information concerning our breeding program.

We are extremely mindful of being a reputable breeder and are fully compliant with all USDA regulations. It is our responsibility to firmly adhere to the established biosecurity measures in our commitment to ensure, foremost, the welfare of the animals we live with and lovingly care for.


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