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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mini Pigs


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in Hollywood, Florida.


Q: Can you ship or deliver my piggy?

A: Yes, we do offer shipping and delivery services within the United States. Visit our Shipping & Delivery page for detailed information.


Q: Can you ship internationally?

A: We are not shipping internationally at this time.


Q: How much do your mini pigs cost?

A: Each piglet is priced individually. Some of the factors include size, conformation, color, color pattern and random markings. Refer to our Pricing page and Available Piggies page for additional information.


Q: How big will my piggy get?  What are their “adult size”?

A: We are the proud breeders of some of the world’s smallest pigs. Our exceptional breeding herd’s bloodlines include a variety of miniature breeds, resulting in the optimal offspring. The “estimated” mature size of our piglets is based on past litter results and pairing of specific breeder pigs. Our mature breeding herd’s height ranges from 11″-16″ tall (11″ being a rare exception).


Q: Do you offer a weight, height or size guarantee?

A: We do NOT guarantee weight,  height or size of any piglet/pig at maturity. What determines the weight and size of a mini pig at maturity is not based solely on genetics. A healthy and well balanced diet, lifestyle and daily exercise regimen play a major part in the development and mature size of miniature pigs. These determining factors are impossible for us to enforce once they leave our care, therefore guaranteeing mature size inconceivable.


Q: Why are there so many names for miniature pigs?

A: We have selected size categories such as Mini Oink 1/2/3/4 as “language” to describe the size classification of our herd’s offspring. As miniature pig breeders it is necessary to identify breeding pig sizes in order to be honest with our clients and not mislead them about the expected adult size of their prospective miniature pig.

BEWARE, don’t be fooled by deceitful marketing tactics used by some pig breeders… labels such as nano, micro, pocket, dandie, pixie, teacup and toy are often used to make buyers believe that the piggy they are purchasing will remain that piglet size forever! NONE of those names represent a particular pig breed, nor will any mini pig fit in a teacup, purse or pocket once fully mature!!! It is nearly impossible for any breeder to guarantee the precise size that a piglet will have once they reach adulthood (3-5 years old).


Q: May I visit your farm to pick out my piglet?

  • May I visit your farm to determine if I like pigs?
  • May I go see the pigs in person?
  • May I go in person to pick-up my adopted piglet?


At the present time, we are not offering to host visitors at our farm.

At Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs Farm, we don’t exclusively breed miniature pigs.   We are an USDA-licensed facility and home to many exotic animals, some of whom are considered a critically endangered species.    For the protection, safety, and conservation of the animals in our care, our facility is closed to the general public. As per the recommendations issued by our team of veterinarians, we have implemented biosecurity measures to prevent any potential contamination or spread of infectious diseases to our animals.

With this in mind… at Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs, we have undertaken the task of building an informative and comprehensive website allowing everyone a clear window into our breeding practices.   Our site’s content is regularly maintained with current pictures, videos and information concerning our breeding program.

We are extremely mindful of being a reputable breeder and are fully compliant with all USDA regulations. It is our responsibility to firmly adhere to the established biosecurity measures in our commitment to ensure, foremost, the welfare of the animals we live with and lovingly care for.


Q: How do I reserve a piggy on your site?

A: All sales & adoption transactions will be strictly conducted through our website, utilizing PayPal’s safe and secure services. You may reserve a piggy on our Available Piggies page once your Adoption Request Application is approved and you’ve received a confirmation e-mail. More detailed information regarding reserving a piggy can be found on our Sales and Adoption Policy page.


Q: How soon can I get my pig?

A: Piglets will be ready for their new homes once they reach 6-8 weeks old and/or are fully weaned and eating well on their own.


Q: What is included in the adoption fee?

A: Included in every adoption is the piglet’s birth certificate, 1st & 2nd deworming treatment, iron shot administered at birth, needle teeth clipped at one day old and our Oinkin’ Facts Mini Pig Care Manual (30 pgs.) Other items such as a complete veterinarian health exam, neuter service, microchipping, shipping and delivery services are available as A La Carte items.